Saturday, October 17, 2009

Law of potential

The wealthiest spot on this planet is 6 feet underneath: Cemetery. In there lie millions of songs that never composed, purpose and destiny alive that never become reality. The greatest tragedy: LIFE that never reaches the full potential. Some things about Potential:

  • Potential is unexposed ability and hidden powers that you have. It’s all you can become but not yet realized. I’m more than what I’ve done.
  • God is the source of all potential

  • Everything greats in life always start from a seed (small). Everything you see in this life has a potential! Nothing potentially great in life is an instant. No shortcut to success in life. Everything began as a potential. Just because we don’t see things doesn’t mean it is not exist. Before the foundation of the world, God have already think about you.
  • Potential is released by hard work. Work releases potential. God want us to be a good worker. God created man to work. God also loves to work. Work is not a punishment of sin.
  • God wanted man to come forth and to find work so their potential can be released. God never create supervisors to check on Adam, so in your office if you can work without being supervised you can release your full potential.
  • To maximize my talent, I need to use my ability to the full capacity. 70% of people don’t like to change (staying in the comfort zone). God created you with a full / top capacity to fulfill your dreams.
  • The more you discover your purpose, the more you discover what you can do in life (capability)
  • Constant comparison with others can harm potential. True success is measured by how much you have done compared to what you could have done in god. Our goal is to be the best we can be! It doesn’t matter if there’s other people that are wealthier than you.
  • Pass experiences can hinder faith. You may have experiences, but by faith, all things are possible to you.
  • God commanded the man not to eat the fruits. When you go beyond the limit, you disqualify everything else you supposed to enjoy in your life.I need to obey the laws of limitation. It’s called a dream because it has no limitation. Every appliance has a circuit breaker to prevent from self destruct. Potential is always given to bless not to harm. If your potential is harming others, check your habits!
  • Potential is maximized when you share it with others. Adam’s problem is he is isolated. He got talents but no one can’t appreciate it. He got no one like himself to bless. You are not design to be alone and isolated

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