Saturday, November 24, 2007

"You've been blessed by a problem"

At first, it may sound ridiculous in your ear. But when you think it over and over again. Everything that is happening right now is God's plan. Every problem you're facing is according to His plan. But why would God give me such a big problem? Because God love you. He doesn't want you to be like a child all the time. He wants to prepare you to be one of His' soldiers.
Do you even know why do you exist in this world? You're created in this world so you could praise the Lord. And dedicate your life to Him. So, again i have to say it like this. The people in this world is getting smarter day by day. If you're happen to be not so clever compared to people in this world, who wants to hear you? So that's why i said that God wants to prepare you to be a leader, God wants you to be something!
But if you have faced a lot of problems, you can give testimonies about yourself to people all around the world. Give them a solutions. Shout it out loud that our God is great! Be thankful of your life, every problems you're facing. Whatever happens, you have a Great God in your life. Don't say "God i have a big problem", but say it to your problem "Hey problem, i have a big God! What do you wanna do know?"
*Title is taken from the movie Freedom Writers*