Saturday, October 17, 2009

Law of Ability

Success is a choice that you made, it depends on your decision
Everything we experienced, prosperity, wealth, success is in the context of what have been accomplished already.

God Gave Noah guarantees. God doesn’t believe in spoon feeding and spoiling us. Wake up to the FACTS and ACCEPT what you can’t change. 90% of millionaires are self made (hard work). The first commandment from God: YOU’VE GOTTA BE FRUITFUL AND MULTIPLY (become productive in life). Reach our maximum level of productivity.

We have got to be people of ability.

Points on law of ability :
  • What is ability itself? Skill, power, resources to do things / accomplish something. God gave talents to each according to his ability. You only get what you can handle in life. God knows your limit. But limit can be changed! So, raise your level of ability! God expect His disciples to grow.
  • How to raise it? Ability is increased by use! The more you use the better it will become. Solid food is for the mature who by constant use have trained themselves to distinguish good from evil. When there’s an effective use of ability leads to an increase of your effectiveness.
  • Your ability always grows to the level of your dream. Your dream will challenge you. I must dream! I’ve got to dream. Stop blaming God and society...
  • Inability has more to do with a bad attitude. The person who got 1 talent [in the parable of talents], blames the society, too lazy, and had a lousy attitude. It hinders his ability
  • With ability comes higher responsibility. (you learned this phrase from Spiderman, but it’s actually / originally quoted from Luke 12:48) Responsibility comes from the words responds and ability, which means responds to the ability you have in life. Society will expect more! The greater the ability, the greater the demand. 

  • As ability increases, so does the attraction of opportunity. Ability attracts ability. E.g: duet of two favorite singer, mariah carey and whitney houston, because both of them got special and awesome ability / talents.
  • Your ability is hindered / enhance by the company you keep.Never hang with the wrong crowd! Bad company corrupts good character.

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