Saturday, January 5, 2008


Babies always cry when they want something. When they're hungry, they will cry for milk
When they want to pee, they will pee on their pants and cry asking someone to clean it.
Kinda selfish isn't it?

But God once said that children will have a special place on heaven. Why is that? Because they have a pure heart. Ever seen a-six-year-old boy fighting at his school. Punching each other. Fighting for small things like toy. But, what happened when you saw the boy that fought before the next day? They will play together again, no feelings of disappointed, nor hatred, nor revenge, nor vexation. It's just beautiful to see them have a pure heart like that.

Do you know the word "adultery" means? Yeah, it means having sex with someone that's not your wife / husband. Why does it called adultery? Because there's no way that a child could do something like that in their mind. They love each other sincerely. No bad intentions. They're not hoping something in return. They never compare their close friends to another close friends. Children understand when their parents doesn't have enough money to buy toys for them. At first they will beg, but if the parents told them that they don't have enough money to buy the toy. Children will understand. They won't beg again.

one of my friend told me a story once, she has a nephew. And when his mother came home from the office. This child will soon understand that his mother is very tired and need rest. He will take a bath by himself, eat by himself. That's why God needs you to have a heart like a child. So sincere... But remember, a child can only eat porridge and drink milk. If you want to have a heart like a child, you must not be a child. Or even worse, be childish! God wants you to take responsibility on your job. You have to act on what your age!

Have a heart like a child, but don't be childish.

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